Redondo Cetim/Seda Buquês de noiva -
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  • Elegante Redondo Cetim Buquês de noiva (Vendido em uma única peça) - Buquês de noiva

    R$ 155,00

  • Redondo Cetim Buquês de noiva (Vendido em uma única peça) -

    R$ 36,00

  • Delicado Redondo Cetim Buquês de Noiva

    R$ 64,00

  • Redondo Seda/Espuma Buquês de noiva/Buquês da nama de honra (Vendido em uma única peça) -

    R$ 28,00

  • Redondo Cetim/Strass Buquês de noiva (Vendido em uma única peça) -

    R$ 380,00

  • Simples e elegante Redondo Cetim Buquês de noiva/Buquês da nama de honra -

    R$ 72,00

Redondo Cetim/Seda Buquês de noiva - #114695

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R$ 88,00 R$ 177,00
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* Envio: 2-6 Dias
* Expedição normal: 3-8 Dias
* Expedição com super desconto: 10-30 Dias
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Fundada em 2007, a JJ's House é o varejista on-line líder mundial de vestidos de noiva, vestidos de eventos especiais, vestidos de festa de casamento, Vestidos na Moda e acessórios. Os clientes podem navegar pela vasta selecção on-line e escolher seus vestidos favoritos com grande satisfação.

Código do Produto #114695 Categoria Buquês de noiva
Ocasião Casamento Buquê Forma Redondo
Método de Wrap Elásticas Materiais Cetim, Seda
Altura 11.8"(Aproximado 30cm) Diâmetro 9.49"(Aprox. 24cm)
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4.9 (Baseado em 22 Opiniões)
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These are so cute and perfect for the wedding!! The green stems are kind of like a soft straw and it's just as pictured! They did come a little squished from the packaging since I ordered so many but you just have to stretch them out a little and they're good as new!! Cannot wait to use these in my wedding in FOUR weeks!! <3


My bouqets look great!


I used these as my bridesmaid's bouquets and they worked wonderfully! I did remove the jewels and hot glued on a spiral of twine instead; only critique I have is there is no returning product; because of that my personal bouquet was a combination between two different bouquets that I had purchased previously that I disassembled and reassembled into one so it would be bigger than my bridesmaid's!


Flowers were lovely. Look great in our wedding photos and I get to keep them forever.


I ordered this bouquet for myself and other ones for my bridesmaids they are literally amazing I couldn't be happier


that was great


Great wedding flowers - ordered 6 for my bridesmaids bouquets which were perfect as they were and used the 7th as a base to build up my bridal bouquet.

Quick delivery and good quality bouquets.

This is the best product of all the item I bought! The flowers has this silky feel, beautiful arrangements and color combination. It's obvious it's fake, but the quality is so good, I am excited to carry it on my wedding day! At $31 CAD, I definitely recommend it anyone!!! Bar none, best purchase here.

very beautiful be honest I am so excited and I received my orders in goo time.

Received and looks good for ny wedding. The only thing was i had to bend them back into shape. Still love it!